Unlike existing standardized block toys, WavePlay is a new concept educational toy that allows you to create any shape you think of freely and without restrictions.
WavePlay allows you
to create soft curves that are not possible with block toys made from hard materials. Unlike clay products that do not allow you to restore their original shape, WavePlay can be made into multiple shapes repeatedly. WavePlay allows a various range of expressions.
As lines, multiple sides,
and three-dimensional designs are possible, this is a toy that can be enjoyed by babies and children. It can even be used as a class material in university art and design classes or for interior decorations by adults.

Follow directions

Bend as you desired

Roll into a snail


Wind and roll

houching feeling like soft and tender, cushiony, non-poisonous.
Special material and as it has a soft wire built-in
it, so you can fully make any shape.