Educative effect


It improves artistic sense through a process that acquaint a child himself with sense on the color and make as if draw a picture as a concept of a line.

thinking power

Attempting to make a line, face, cubic diagram and polygon, it makes him understand a solid and space and is of help to improvement of mathematical thinking power such as a concept of a number and practice about a figure and so on.


It is of help to creativity development since every shape such as a line, face, solid, curved line and straight line etc, can be made that he imagines.

Development of
large, small muscle

Through stimulation of the hands to bend, wind and connect, it develops not only large, small muscle but also exercise function such as adaptability and the like.

Improvement of concentration

Through activities to connect, Insert small connecting mouths each other and put in the play board, it raises concentration.

Professor Gyemun Jeong, the Dean of Art Molding College of Dankook University

"Sensitivity leads the world"

Talent of the 21st century demands EQ followed by IQ.
EQ means ability to understand emotion of himself and other people and ability that can control emotion towards a direction to make life rich.
Infant and elementary school children possess both infinite intellectual growth and growth period of sensitivity.
It is said that growth of sensitivity can be doubled by curiosity, stimulation and interest
"WavePlay" teaching aids developed from WaveLay Edu Inc., a compound word of Wave+play, are the ones that every cubic expression is possible with eco-friendly, free and soft material.
While assembling, making and completing through WavePlay, intellectual growth as well as sensitivity growth can be expected.
Through a play, synergistic effect realized by creativity development, muscular development, improvement of thinking power and concentration can be expected. If you expect children of all of you grow into man who is equipped with IQ and EQ different from others, I would like to recommend you to make a free and creative play culture even from now on.

Professor Changwook lee,
the Head of Department of Visual Design, Dankook University

"Development of creativity in our childhood is to make him a lifelong idea fountain water"

Good learning tools are of help to improvement of creativity, and mathematical thinking power for infancy children and elementary school children. A great advantage of these teaching tools is to naturally build up concentration, imagination, space sense and color sense etc, while children make a variety of shapes having curiosity by themselves, and there is profound significance in that the method to attempt such a thing is assembly of free shape not assembly of fixed shape.
Personally I feel a big delight to a new concept of teaching tools, as this country's product, that cultivate scientific thought to our children who played with only foreign teaching aids.