About us

WavePlay is a new concept of Creative development tools

WavePlay Edu Inc was founded as a specialist producer of educational tools, textbooks, and products.
It has developed, produced, and distributed over twenty types of patented products both in Korea and abroad.
In addition, the excellence of its products and their future development potential has been recognized.
The company also established the foothold for greater growth when it was recognized as a venture enterprise with promising export potential by the Small and Medium Business Agency.
WavePlay has received safety accreditation from KC, CCC, CE, and ASTM both in Korea
and abroad. An affiliated research and development center was established for
continued investment in product development while international quality management
system ISO 9001 and environmental management system 14001 certification
was received.
WavePlay is putting all its efforts into continually upgrading its products and
services to an international standard and was recognized with an award
from the Small and Medium Business Agency in 2014 as an "excellent enterprise."
WavePlay products are distributed domestically to educational institutions in Korea
through 40 local sales offices.
The creative educational tools made by the company have received a great deal
of attention and interest from abroad through expositions held overseas leading
to the beginning of exports in 2012.
Distribution contracts have been signed in China, Hong Kong,
Germany, Taiwan, India, the US, and Malaysia to expand exports.

Wavelay Edu Inc made consistent efforts to create effective and
safe products for young children. Based on this, the company is slowly but
steadily expanding into a global company with worldwide reach.